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Process Sensors

Process Sensors Corporation was founded in 1996. Steady growth has allowed PSC to become the #1 manufacturer in the world of continuous NIR Moisture Transmitters for use on solid materials.

Process Sensors’ NIR Transmitters were designed in order to satisfy 3 basic requests from the major users of NIR In-Line Measurement Technology:

• First that the PSC Transmitters be stand-alone devices that could communicate directly with in-plant PLCs, controllers and data collection systems.

• Second that the Transmitters be simple to service (single circuit board).

• And third that the Transmitter be reasonably priced.

PSC built our Transmitters to meet those three specifications. As a result, PSC has enjoyed growth and success over the years.

PSC Transmitters are used routinely in various industries including food (cereals, crackers, cookies, coffee, sugar, milk powders), snack foods (potato chips, corn chips, tacos) paper converting (labels, films, office forms, fax paper), chemical powders (PVC), tobacco processing (cigarette manufacturing, leaf processing), panelboard (MDF, Particleboard, OSB), minerals (iron ore, bauxite, coal) and many other applications.

The PSC factory is located in Milford, Massachusetts.

PSC Transmitters are robust and designed to operate in challenging processing environments. We pride ourselves on technical competence, commercial fairness and customer satisfaction.

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Process Sensors Corp.
113 Cedar Street
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