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LeakAlert 73

The Leak Alert 73 is particularly well suited for use on fabric filter type dust collectors (baghouses) and provides reliable and robust monitoring of particulate leaks from bags. With its compact cost effective transmitter design, pragmatic and reliable monitoring can now be provided for all types of industrial bagfilters. The instrument benefits, first from PCME’s unique ElectroDynamicTM Probe Electrification technology, secondly advanced features enabling the Leak Alert 73 to be configured for all types of bagfilters irrespective of cleaning sequence and finally a choice of field upgradeable options to provide quality assurance (QA) features for the user. The Leak Alert 73 is part of the PCME Leak Alert family of products, which have been specifically designed to detect low and medium levels of dust leakage in addition to gross bag failure enabling bagfilter users to maximise filter performance.

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LeakAlert 73