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Unlike conventional Doppler flowmeters which operate at a single frequency, the Polysonics SX40 generates two independent ultrasonic signals at different frequencies. By correlating these frequencies, the instrument automatically identifies and eliminates noise errors from sources such as variable frequency drives. In addition, the operation of the instrument is enhanced by an Expert System which allows the flowmeter to automatically “learn” the application parameters. As a result, the Polysonics SX40 can be easily commissioned in a fraction of the time necessary to configure competitive ultrasonic flowmeters. Housed in a NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure, the instrument is well suited to most municipal and industrial environments. The backlit graphics display provides excellent visibility even in poorly lit conditions. Outputs include a 12-bit, optically isolated, 4-20 mA analog signal and up to four independent programmable relays. The relays can be used for pump control, fault indication, limit switching, sampler activation, power down alarming or remote totalizer driving. In addition, a contact closure activated by a remote pump or other control device is available to eliminate unwanted or erroneous flow volume data when backflow conditions are present. A powerful 90,000 point data logger with non-volatile memory is also incorporated in the instrument. This avoids the additional cost of a chart recorder or external data logger for applications where continuous flow recording is required. Thermo Electron Corporation manufactures a comprehensive range of ultrasonic flowmeters for closed full pipe, partially filled pipe and open channel applications. Models are available for raw sewage, centrates, filtrates, plant effluent, raw water, surface water, groundwater,finished water and chemicals.

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