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The MAG 5000 and 6000 are transmitters engineered for high performance, easy installation, commissioning and maintenance. The transmitters evaluate the signals from the SITRANS F M sensors type MAG 1100, MAG 1100 F, MAG 3100, MAG 3100 P and MAG 5100 W. Transmitter types: MAG 5000: Max. measuring error 0.4 % 1 mm/s (incl. sensor) MAG 6000: Max. measuring error 0.2 % 1 mm/s (incl. sensor, see also sensor specifications) and with additional features such as: "plug & play" add-on bus modules; integrated batch functions. The SITRANS F M flowmeters are suitable for measuring the flow of almost all electrically conductive liquids, pastes and slurries. The main applications can be found in: Water and waste water Chemical and pharmaceutical industries Food and beverage industries Power generation and utility

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