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The DCT7088 is the world’s most advanced portable transit time flowmeter. Combining digital signal processing (DSP) with correlation detection methods, it features exceptional performance and flexibility. While principally designed for clean liquid applications, the instrument is tolerant of liquids with higher concentrations of entrained solids or gas bubbles than was previously possible with transit time technology. The non-intrusive, clamp-on transducers can be installed without flow interruption and insure leak-free measurements with zero pressure drop. The simple menu-driven operation of the DCT7088 allows the meter to be configured in a fraction of the time necessary for competitive portable transit time flowmeters Housed in a rugged NEMA-6 (IP67) enclosure, the DCT7088 is waterproof against accidental immersion and splashproof with the lid open. The display is a high resolution, backlit LCD providing excellent visibility, even in poorly lit conditions. Outputs include a 4-20mA analog signal and RS232 serial interface. The flowmeter also incorporates a powerful data logger that can record more than 40,000 data points for subsequent uploading to a personal computer. A separate memory function stores up to 4 sets of site parameters, eliminating the requirement to re-enter setup data when returning to a location for further measurements. The DCT7088 can be programmed to start and finish flow measurements at predetermined times for unattended operation. In addition to password protection, a padlock can be attached to the instrument enclosure to avoid any chance of unauthorized tampering. The meter will provide up to 16 hours of continuous battery operation and can be fully recharged in only 8 hours. Unlike competitive transit time flowmeters, multiple transducers are not necessary for different pipe materials and sizes. The standard transducer set is suitable for most plastic, metal and even concrete-lined pipes, and for diameters from 1 in. (25mm) to 200 in. (5m). The DCT7088 is available with an impressive array of optional accessories. The UTG is a compact and rugged, ultrasonic thickness gauge which allows pipe wall thickness to be quickly determined from the outside of the pipe. As an instrument separate from the DCT7088, the UTG can be used for other functions such as measuring the corrosion or erosion of storage tank walls, etc. To provide an immediate paper record of individual flow measurements, logged data and/or site parameters, a small thermal printer is also available.

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